Hello, my name is Penny Vieau.

I am a Air Force veteran. I found myself loving fitness when I had to prepare for my annual fitness test. You see I was so lucky being stationed at Eielson AFB, Alaska, that place was so cold and all I did was eat and drink. Yup, alcohol. I soon and I mean really soon became a little on the fat side.

I hated myself for getting that way. I found myself at the gym on base, running and learning how to lift weights. It has just been apart of my life ever since 1983. I have always been active though, I played many sports in high school and went on to college for a short stint to play basketball. That did not last, I got bored and then decided to head out of state and join the Air Force in 1982.

I finally went on to college and graduated with a BS in Physical Education non-teacher and completed my master’s degree in Fitness and Wellness. I just love it.

Ever since then, I have been certified in so many specialities. I found that I really love to lift weights. I teach a cycle class and also a lifting class. I also teach a yoga class which is so much needed with all the other exercise that I do. I am game for anything. I will try just about anything once.

I love helping people get into shape because I know how good it can do for you. Staying active is the name of the game.