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Join today and Penny Vieau will apply her years of experience to create a fitness plan for you. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gym rate, Penny will create a plan that will get you where you want to be.

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Here’s What Penny’s Clients Are Saying

MSgt Brice Gaston​​
MSgt Brice Gaston​​US Air Force Read More
Penny Vieau is an amazing fitness trainer.
I have worked with her for over a year, and the results I have seen are dramatic.
When I first started working with her, it was to prepare for my Air Force fitness assessment. I went from a 77 to a 90.9 in two and a half months!
I have seen more definition as well as an increase in strength and stamina.
Not only does she help with the physical aspect, but the nutritional one as well. She is the all-around, well-trained fitness guru.
She makes working out FUN, and I look forward to the hour she spends whipping my butt into shape!
She listens to my fitness needs and wants, and reacts with expert training to achieve the goal I am after. I have met many goals with her as my trainer, and I am proud to say that I continue to set more new goals to achieve.
Lynn B
Lynn B Read More
I met Penny Vieau in July 2012 weighing in at 235lbs. I had no energy, suffered from asthma, high blood pressure, and arthritis.
After committing to training with Penny regularly by January 2013 I was down to 179 lbs.
My arthritis is gone, and I can do lots of things without shortness of breath.
I cut my high blood pressure medication in half, and I have so much more energy.
I was worried I’d have extra skin because of all the weight loss, but with Penny’s professional training my muscles are toning up and no sagging skin.
My emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states have all improved!
Thank you Penny!!!!
Anonymous Read More
My journey with Penny began about three years ago. She’s not only been my number one go to for health and fitness advising but she’s also become an amazing friend.
Her dedication, passion and creativity involved in personal training has given me great confidence and discipline in myself. I’ve achieved greater endurance and strength. I’m overall a much healthier and happier me!
Penny has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge in her field allowing her personal training techniques to be tremendously effective and successful!


It’s time to take care of your health now!